At top to tail we pride ourselves on creating an individual relationship with each of our canine and feline clients. With high grooming standards we aim to make their grooming experience as enjoyable as possible.

When your pet is brought in you will have a full consultation with one of our groomers, where we will discuss your pets needs. Once you are fully satisfied  that your pet is in safe hands we will take them through to our bathing room and begin their pamper session.

We usually ask our clients to allow us between 2-3 hours dependent on the breed and coat type. Once perfected you can come and collect your pet and take them home feeling refreshed!

Question 2

A full groom includes a thorough bath and massage to remove all dirt and loosen the dead hair (we use a variety of shampoos and conditioners that compliment your pet’s coat). Following the bath, our clients are taken through to the drying station where they will be blow dried (fluffed, straightened or de-fluffed) according to their coat type, before being handed over to their designated groomer. Here they will be detangled, combed and prepared for the final groomong process. Finally your pet will be trimmed, handstripped or clipped to your preferred style whether that be the Kennel Club breed standard, puppy cut or something a little more imaginative. We understand that each dog has its own personality and this should be reflected in their style. Ear plucking/cleaning, nail clipping and a full health check* are included within all full grooms

*please note we are not vets but will check your pet over for any lumps bumbs and abnormalities and advise you if you need to make an appointment with a vet.


Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your pet in for single treatments like nail clipping, microchipping, teeth cleaning, ear plucking and releasing of anal glands. You don’t need to book an appointment, but we do suggest you ring us before you come down to check availability.

Question 4

One of our team members would be happy to book you an appointment at Top to Tail. You can do this by either popping into one of our shops during its’ opening times or give us a call on 0208 668 8088. You can get through to any of our salons on this number just request the shop you want Addiscombe or Purley.

Question 5

We endeavour to book all appointments within a week of your call. Therefore, we do not have a waiting list. However, should you want a last minute appointment we will do our best to accomodate you. In the case of ther salon being fully booked, we would call you in the event of a cancellation. This way you don’t have to wait any longer than you want to.

Question 6

We aim to have your pet ready to be collected within 2-3 hours of their arrival. This is dependent on the breed, coat type and their individual needs.  Each client responds differently to the grooming process and therefore we like to take our time to allow the client to get used to the process and ensure they  are comfotable througout. This means in some cases clients may need breaks and may be with us longer, whereas others may go home sooner. We generally ask you to all us 2-3 hours into the groom to see how your beloved pet is getting on. However, if they are done sooner we will ring you to let you know they are ready.

Question 7

As long as your animals coat is not matted and they have a good temperament, we will work to your wishes to the best we can, you are more than welcome to bring in any photos you would like us to look at and if you are unsure of what you can have done feel free to come in and have a look at our scrapbook!

Question 8

De-matt can be uncomfortable and stressful for your pet; therefore, if they have matts that cover large areas which are close to the skin we will not attempt to comb them out. If your pet has a smaller amount of knots that can be combed out we will always try our best to remove all the knots possible ensuring your pet is comfortable at all times.  The animal welfare act stipulates it is an offense to cause animal’s pain or discomfort and we reserve the right to remove coat if we feel this is the case, but we will discuss this with you before we start the groom.

Question 9

As soon as your puppy has had all of their injections and they can go out you can bring them to Top to Tail. This can be for anything from a bath or small tidy up to a full groom. We recommend that you try to bring your puppy in from an early age to get them used to grooming; as there are many different sounds and smells to experience , therefore they can settle in quickly!

Question 10

We offer 20% off to all our new clients for their first visit as well as a £5 voucher for any customers that recomend a friends. Once part of the Top to Tail Club you can collect stamps on your loyalty card for future discounts. Always keep an eye out for our newsletters, facebook page and twitter to see any additional offers throughout the year.

Question 11

All you need to bring is your pet! You can bring a treat along for them if you wish as this can be a great reward for their good behaviour at the shop.

Question 12

Here at stop to tail we stock a large range of grooming equipment that will help you keep your pet in tip top condition inbetween grooms. Each breed is different so we recommend you pop down with your pet so we can help you find the right products you need as well as give you a small tuition on how they are best used. We also suggest that you try to groom your dog or cat at home you use a secure table or side higher up as this makes it easier for you and also gets them used to what it would be like at the groomers.

Question 13

We give a quote specific to your dog or cat on what we would expect them to be, but as every pet is different until we see the coat condition we can only give you an estimate. You can always pop your pet into us as this gives us a better idea of what we are working with. Also if there is a budget you want us to work with just let your groomer know and we can see what we can do within that budget.


Microchiping can be done while you wait as it only take 5 minutes, you can also book it to be done with your groom which will mean you will benifit from a discounted price. We do recommend to ring and book an appointment to have the microchip done to make sure one of our qualified implanters are in at that time.

Question 15

These are situated on either side of the anus and are scenting glands. These can be externally emptied if they have become blocked or are uncomfortable for your dog. We do not routinely empty these glands as we feel if there is no problem with them they should be left alone. If your dog is having a problem they will be scooting their bottom along the floor or you may notice a particularly offensive smell around the rear of your dog (if this is the case please ask).

Question 16

To make sure your pet is comfortable while in our care we recommend that you take them out for a walk so they have had time to do their buisness beforehand.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call on 0208 668 8088