Top to Tail

Does your pet have…

Hairy feet that bring in the mud?
An overgrown or untidy coat?
Tangles and mats?
A moulting coat?
Long or sharp nails?

Not for much longer, come to Top to Tail and we’ll ensure that your pet is in the best hands and comes back to you in tip top condition!

Our services include:

  • Thorough bath with a wide range of shampoos to suit all skin and coat types, body massage, brush and blow dry.
  • Complete slicker and comb-through to remove any dead hair, knots and tangles.
  • A light trim, tidy-up/full-clip or handstrip and styling according to the Kennel Club Breed Standards or your own particular specifications and requirements.
  • Teeth and weight checked, ears cleaned (or plucked free of hair) and nails cut.
  • Grooming* All breeds and crossbreeds thoroughly groomed, bathed, trimmed, stripped or clipped by experienced and caring canine & feline beauticians
  • Nail cutting & Microchipping services also available

Whether you want to pamper your pet, make them feel more comfortable or just have them smelling sweeter ~ give us a call to book an appointment or find out more.

*The price for grooming varies according to procedures undertaken & regularity of visits.